Important Sightseeing Destinations In San Francisco


San Francisco is a great place for touring and sightseeing. There are plenty of places and architecture masterpiece, which should be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this small piece of article, we will tell you some of the popular historic places to visit in San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge is one historical important place in SF. Fort Point was constructed from 1853 to 1861 to safeguard the Bay from sea attack. It is constructed in multi-tier style to allow the cannons to easily strike the enemy vessels or ship on the sea’s surface. Though Fort Point was never used, it remains a wonderful example of U.S architectural skills.

Mission Dolores is the oldest intact structure in San Francisco. The history of the building dates back to 1776 when settling of Spanish missionaries happened. The neighborhood of the Mission Dolores has Latino arts community, where you can find wonderful murals and foods. The Old Ship Saloon was built in the year 1849. You can find lots of bars in this saloon, where you can enjoy some of the best beers, alcohol and lunch.

Cable car museum can tell you about the industrial age of America. The cable car was first built in the year 1869 to avoid the accidents caused due to horse carriages. Of three cable car lines, one is still active, which is available for sightseeing.

The Earthquake in 1906, shackled the San Francisco and reduced most of the buildings to rubble. The building of Fairmont hotel stood like a rock and suffered only a few damages. Since then, Fairmont hotel has become an iconic spot in San Francisco.

Castro theater is one of the old movie places that is still in function. You can visit this theater for live Wurlitzer organ performance and sing-along night.

There are many things to keep in mind when visiting the historic places in San Francisco. These places are not opened for public 24/7. They are closed for certain days and certain hours. Before visiting a site, you should ensure that it will be opened for public. You need to plan you tour well ahead to avoid unnecessary disappointment. When you visit historic places, you should also try to visit the other nearby attractions.

If you want to enjoy the best once in a lifetime experience, we highly recommend that, you visit some of the travel websites available on the Internet. The travel websites help you find out the options available for your San Francisco tour. Some of the categories of experiences are gourmet food, adventures, art & culture and sightseeing.

You can enjoy San Francisco experience according to your budget and preferences. If you know how to use the Internet, then finding the best San Francisco experience will not be a difficult thing. Through a simple search, you would be able to find the San Francisco experiences available for you. Whether you want to travel or experience as a family or couple, the Internet can help you find some of the most suitable experiences.

Whenever you plan to travel San Francisco or other U.S cities, never hesitate to browse the Internet. Nowadays, smart travelers use the Internet to plan their travel.

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